Funny Birthday Cards

How To Send Funny Birthday Cards

Many people appreciate funny birthday cards. Funny cards can cause the recipient to wear a smile, have a hearty laugh, and forget worries even for a moment. Sometimes, cards that can make people smile can teach them a valuable reason—that there is far greater reason to smile than to fret. Of course, funny cards can come free too. So this is a reason for the sender to wear a smile also.

The Internet provides adequate resources for happy birthday cards. There are sites that give free cards as complimentary or as promotional campaign and entice users to register for premium account. But there are also sites devoted to giving free e-cards for all occasions including birthdays.

So, in looking for the best funny birthday cards on the web, you can find the following tips to be helpful.

Contemplate On the Birthday Celebrant’s Sense of Humour

The concept of funny comes in many forms, materials, and definition. In short, it is relative. While a card may be funny to you, it may not be to the recipient. Worse, it could be offensive to the person. To solve this problem, you have to think and assess the sense of humour of the card’s recipient. Recall the things that can make the celebrant laugh. If you will be giving the funny card to your mother, consider the moments and the reasons that she laughed. Ask yourself, “would she find this card funny?” Simply put, the funny card should be funny to her too, and not just for you.

Ascertain the Sensitivity of the Birthday Celebrant

Included in the points of sensitivity is the age. If your mother is not happy about old age, it would offend her to receive funny birthday cards that would make a joke about getting old. Depending on the person’s sensitivity, you can sense a person who is very conscious of old age when that person uses anti-wrinkling creams and getting botox every six months. While some women readily accept old age as inevitable while using beauty products, not many of those women are happy to be reminded that they are getting old.

Consider Your Friendship with the Birthday Celebrant

If you are always the jovial type and crack jokes to friends and families, it may be easy to send funny birthday cards because they are already immune or at ease to your sense of humour. They sort of expect you to be funny in most things including greetings and birthday presents.

However, if you are the serious type, it may be surprising to the birthday celebrant to receive funny cards from you, albeit, there is big chance of wearing a smile. If it is your first time to send funny birthday cards or to become less serious, consider the feelings of the recipient and the degree of humour in the funny cards.